EDUO1040 Upper secondary education in Finland: no dead ends

01.09.2023 31.08.2024
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At the upper secondary stage, students are on the brink of adulthood and looking towards their futures in both education and working life. In Finland, students choose between general upper secondary school, vocational education or a combination of the two in dual qualifications. This MOOC sheds light on the pedagogical practices, support services, and individual learning and competence plans of that ensure every student is always able to keep on studying and learning.

Credits: 1 ects

Registration requires a valid passport, a valid EU identity card, or Finnish bank ID (verkkopankkitunnukset). Please read our registration guide before starting.

Course information:

  • Workload: ca. 27 hours
  • EQF level: 6
  • Assesment scale: Fail/Pass
  • Prerequisites: None

During the course, you will study independently on a JYU Online Course -platform. Participants are required to have basic ICT skills in order to work online.



01.09.2023  -  15.08.2024